How to Clean Your Mannix Wall Furnace Heater

Learning how to clean and maintain a wall furnace heater is essential to upkeep its performance and efficiency. It is important to note that keeping a clean Mannix wall furnace heater will not only avoid the burning of extra fuel for proper functionality, but it also holds a clean and good standard for the heated air it produces. The reason for this is because furnaces tend to function by sending cool air through the filters, which is then heated and before being sent to your home through a series of ducts. Accumulation of too much up the dirt inside your wall furnace is carried by the heated air. While this may sound like a lot of work, cleaning your furnace is a relatively easy task to perform as it only needs very few tools and supplies.


When to Clean Your Wall Furnace Heater

It’s essential to clean your wall furnace heater at least once a year – right before the heating season starts. At the same time, the furnace air ducts should be inspected by professionals at least twice a month. That way, you can avoid mould and mildew problems. If the filters look extremely dirty, it should be replaced by a set of new ones. Consider cleaning the filters on a regular monthly basis, particularly during the heating season. Now that’s out of the way, here’s a step-by-step guide to cleaning your Mannix wall furnace heater:


Step 1 – Opening the Furnace

Make sure the electricity is turned off. In the case of natural gas furnaces, make sure you shut gas supply properly for safety reasons. Consider cutting off the power supply from the main circuit breaker as well. Open the service panel by merely popping it open. Note that sometimes a screwdriver is needed. Wipe all the surfaces using a vacuum cleaning and a dry rag.


Step 2 – Cleaning the Filter

Find the filter – it’s generally found by the cold air return duct or in front of the blower. The filter is a rectangular or square mesh with cardboard, metal, or plastic frame used to keep the air clean. Remove the filter by sliding or lifting it using your hand. Since the filter is lightweight, it shouldn’t be too hard for you to remove it. Click here for other important instructions regarding the cleaning of the filters.


Step 3 – Cleaning the Blower

Wipe the blower using a dry rag. If the blades are removable, take them out and wipe them clean using a damp, lint-free cloth. Use the vacuum cleaner to remove any debris or dirt off the base of the blower or the furnace. Wipe the blades dry before putting them back in place. Check if there are torn or loose fan belts. Now, re-insert the filter.


Put everything back together before turning on your Mannix wall furnace heater for a test run. Congratulations! You managed to clean your wall furnace heater! For more tips and guides on cleaning HVAC systems, click here.