A Complete Guide to Using Your Disc Sander Adelaide Properly

Do you have a disc sander at home? Do you know how to use this powerful tool? If you’ve accessed this article, we’re just going to assume that you don’t and you’re looking for help. Don’t worry; we’re here to lend a hand! Below is a five-step guide to using a disc sander Adelaide properly. Use this guide to learn how to use your disc sander the right way.


Equip Safety Gear

Just like using every other power tools or equipment, you must wear safety gear. Before you start using your disc sander, you always put safety first by wearing safety gloves and goggles. Both these items will protect your eyes and hands from any sharp debris or dust particles. Always wear them whenever you use your disc sander to avoid any unwanted accidents. Also, avoid wearing loose clothing as they might get caught onto your disc sander. Wear an apron and bold back any loose clothing and tie them back.


Set Up the Workspace

When using a disc sander Adelaide, keep in mind that you should set it up the right way before turning it on. With that said, make sure you also have ample space to move around. Place your disc sander on a table. Again, make sure your workspace has little to no clutter or people passing by. The ideal area would be an open space that you can move freely without any restrictions. This will make sure you won’t bump into someone and injure them in the process. Before you turn your sander on, make sure the protective shield covering the circular blade is active and in place. Check the dust extractor unit and make sure it’s fully connected. It’s responsible for extracting dust particles during the sanding process, so make sure you have it installed.


Set the Material to be Sanded

To prepare the material, make sure you mark specific areas that you want to sand. These marks will guide you and your sander, as well as making sure that you know it you’ve reached your desired area or shape that you want.


Turn Your Disc Sander On

Once everything is in place, you can now start using your disc sander Adelaide. Wait for it to reach optimum speed before you start the sanding process. You will notice that it rotates in counterclockwise that means you should use the left portion only. Always keep that in mind.


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