Get Your AC Repair Done Right with Professional Air Conditioning Adelaide Services

The demand for the services of a reputable air conditioning Adelaide service provider is growing daily, as many homeowners continue to be plagued by high utility bills, even with the cost of energy conservation programs like solar and wind electricity. At Art Plumbing, we have assembled an extensive range of high-quality HVAC services to cater to all your cooling and heating needs. We specialize in providing emergency air conditioner services that will eliminate any of your home’s inconveniences. In fact, we have many services that our customers request all the time.


One of the most common problems is an AC unit failure when it comes to cooling your home. Whether it is due to a blown fuse, or poor maintenance, air conditioners can fail from time to time, and without warning. When this happens, our services will get you back on the road to good health by restoring your home’s cooling and heating system to its optimal level.


One of the first things that our professionals do when it comes to air conditioner repair is to get your air conditioner tested. They’ll check for leaks and replace the filter on an ongoing basis to ensure that the system is always functioning at its optimum efficiency. Another important step they take is to turn off the air conditioning Adelaide unit to determine if there is a problem with the power source. If they have an emergency generator in place, they will check it to make sure it is working properly.


Some other common problems that we fix with our air conditioning Adelaide services are broken thermostats and bad fans. Thermostats are the heart of an air conditioner, and the only way that they can work efficiently is if the air is cooled evenly throughout the room. If your thermostat malfunctions, it could be because of a loose-fitting, or a broken switch. If this is the case, the technicians that work for us can bring your AC to them for a replacement.


If your cooling and heating unit fails, it may also need AC cooling and/or AC heating repair. Our specialists can bring your AC units into us for routine maintenance checks, as well as emergency AC cooling and/heating repairs, depending on the circumstances. Our technicians can also diagnose and repair any evaporator coil that has failed.

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Other issues that our services will address are air compressor failure and evaporator failure, which often goes unnoticed for long periods. When your compressor starts leaking, or there is a compressor problem, your AC unit can overheat and start to smoke or burn. If this happens, our technicians can get it checked by a professional furnace technician to get it back up and running again as quickly and safely as possible.