When Should You Get Pest and Building Inspections?

So you’re here to know the answer to the question, “Should you get pest and building inspections?” Well, the answer is pretty straightforward, but we’ll try to explain why as much as we can. We highly recommend that you get it done before you enter into an agreement with a seller. It saves you from all the burden and frustration of buying a faulty and problematic house or commercial building. However, we also acknowledge the fact that there will be instances where you just can’t get a building inspection. Maybe the market is moving really fast or that the property that proved to be very popular at the agent wants to move quickly.


Getting Building and Pest Inspections

In many cases, you’re not in the ideal position where you can get a building and pest inspection done before entering into a contract. In that particular case, you must make sure to include that condition in the contract. More importantly, you should also make sure that the wording clause is in your favour. That’s where you’d want to get a lawyer or a conveyancer to help you with the wording. You want to make sure that the building and pest inspection is done that’s satisfactory to the buyer and not just some minor clause that will give the owner minimal scope to let you out of the contract when things don’t go their way.


So if you’re not in the position to get a building and pest inspection, make sure you include the condition of doing it after the purchase and voiding the contract if the inspection discovers defect and faults that the seller wasn’t able to disclose. The bottom line is that you should protect yourself by making sure that the wording in the contract is right and that the conditions that you want are also acknowledged and included.


Buying a Property at the Right Market

If you’re looking to buy at auction, it’s non-negotiable that you get a pest and building inspections are done before you even turn up on the day since if you’re the successful buyer under the hammer, you’re unconditional. In other words, there’s no turning back. That means whatever you come across once you move to your “new” house, that’s already on you, and you can’t call the seller about these issues. You’ll have to deal with them on your own. That’s why it’s essential that – if possible and if the seller will agree – you will get a building and pest inspection first. That way, you can spot defects and other potential problems. You will then have an edge during the negotiation and can raise your own conditions.


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