Weighted Blanket Therapy – What You Need to Know

Weighted Blanket Therapy Benefits: Oxytocin is released from the brain when a person feels secure, and the pressure of a weighted blanket releases the same hormone into the body. As scientists have shown, a high-pressure hug releases the same hormone that stimulates a sense of comfort, so you actually feel more relaxed as you lie on your back. The same hormone can also be used to induce sleep, helping to put a person to sleep without using a pill.

For the physical health benefits, weight loss has been proven to happen by using these blankets. They are especially useful when it comes to treating postural conditions like neck pain, or when someone has to deal with chronic back pain.

Therapy with these blankets can also relieve stress. Stress can lead to headaches, and some people find that sleeping on their stomachs can make them feel better. A weighted blanket can give a person the same relaxation they get when sleeping on their backs, but on their stomachs. This can be extremely beneficial and help to alleviate some of the effects of chronic tension headaches.


The therapeutic benefit of these blankets can also be used for relaxation techniques. People who find that they have problems with insomnia will often find these blankets beneficial. Because they can provide enough heat to keep the person warm without being uncomfortable, they will find that they sleep easier when lying on their stomachs. These blankets can also be used to treat people who have panic attacks or anxiety, because they provide the same level of heat from the air to provide relief to the sufferer.

There are also many other emotional benefits of using these blankets. They can provide a lot of comfort and a feeling of safety for the person who uses them, allowing the person to focus on the things they need to take care of rather than worrying about their physical needs. Some people may find that their mind and body can work more efficiently when they use this therapy method, which can help them deal with mental problems that could otherwise make them feel tense or depressed.

When you combine the physical benefits of weighted blanket therapy with the emotional benefits, you get a unique solution to many problems. For many people, this form of therapy can make a huge difference in their life.

There is no question that weighted blanket therapy is very useful and effective. It can help to make a person feel more comfortable, relieve some of the aches and pains that they have, and can even provide temporary relief for minor medical conditions. Many of these blankets are available online and can provide anyone with the comfort that they need without having to buy anything special.